About Sonya

My love for the arts goes way back to many nights sitting next to my Dad as he encouraged me to be creative. We would sit at the dining room table coloring, drawing, and enter into the local newspaper contests. His words and inspiration, encouraged me to pursue my dreams. He is always in my heart.

As time went by I moved from crayons to my first Brownie camera, and I was hooked. I would spend hours in the darkroom watching my photos come to life. Of course, now everything is done digitally and photoshop is my best friend.

In 2003, Gary bought a touring bike and me a digital camera and we were headed to Sturgis to experience the 100th Anniversary of Harley Davidson and, of course, to document our trip. And that I did. I was back in the saddle with the greatest feeling in the world. I believe I took close to 5,000 photos that trip. Each road trip since than has been a new experience documenting our friends, and weathering the elements, with great laughter and exploring our beautiful country.

My career as a graphic designer has been a fabulous journey which eventually lead me to document my first corporate event in 2009. I found my passion. It opened a whole new world for me. I absolutely love capturing expressions and specials moments at Corporate conferences, daycare photos, birthday parties, family photos, corporate headshots or even sporting events. The feeling is still the same, always puts a smile on my face. I love meeting people and I have lots patience.